Linda Pelekoudas, Principal Managing Partner

Project Portfolio


Formation and Process Establishment of a Charitable Trust – A group forming a Charitable Trust had for seven years been planning to create a charitable trust to provide a means to help other charities with missions that fit the ideals of the Protector Committee of the Trust. Though a great deal of time and effort had been invested no coordinated action plan was in place and technology decisions needed to be made. From the information materials provided I assembled a master list of requirements and a compliance matrix to assess the technology proposals that had been received.  Finding that only a small fraction of the work would actually be satisfied by the vendors being considered, I sourced a more capable resource to deliver all of the technology for the solution.  I also provided program facilitation ensuring that progress was maintained.

Materials Resource Planning, Microelectronics Manufacturing – A business had grown to the point where tighter control over their manufacturing would result in more capacity for product delivery and better cost containment. I qualified requirements and performed product comparison helping them to select a best fit for their unique needs.  I installed and prepared all data cleansing to load data for the system, prepared bills of materials, loaded the schedule.  I have been actively training all the resources to utilize the new system and supporting them with custom reports. This work is ongoing.

Strategic Planning and Cost Accounting, Microelectronics Manufacturing – Growing a business, adding new products, and ensuring profitability are all part of the service provided in this project.  In less than 4 months this work has results. There is better visibility on cash flow, better understanding of the company’s competitive position, two new product lines adding geography and new market reach, stronger organizational teamwork, accountability and responsibility.

New Venture Foundation and Product Development, Patient Medical Enablement – An innovator in industrial education design seven years ago sustained a brain injury in a car accident.  He chronicled his experience and authored a breakthrough book that avoids technical jargon and clearly explains most aspects of survival and recovery from such an injury in an accessible way.  I have founded his company for him, created a strategic five year plan, established product development, client fulfillment, and customer support systems and have charted the path to delivery of the companies first five products.  Support for the project has been unprecedented with the first sessions already fully subscribed.

New Product Introduction, Aquatic Electronics Manufacturing – An innovator developed and launched a stand out product for making the underwater world accessible and recordable from a topside device.  After seven months of selling to the pleasure boat market, the company was interested in expanding their reach to new markets.  I have provided Sales and Marketing consultation including a resetting of the product pricing strategy, qualification and quantification of new market targets, qualified industrial requirements and specs for industrial specific units offering functionality where no existing solutions are present today.

Cybersecurity Product Design and Development, Information as a Service Provider – An investor in new technologies wanted to qualify the opportunities that exist for meeting the demand across multiple industries today vulnerable to attack in cyberspace.  I provided industrial analysis, product definition and delivery qualification to support a funding search.  I have prepared for the launch of the venture by authoring an organizational design and one year plan for establishment of the first services and foundation of the initial properties.

Standards and Policy, Federal – NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture – Key to the establishment of governance and policy for the use of cloud computing by all federal agencies is the understanding of where and how security control points will apply.  Since January 2012 I have been actively working with the NIST public work groups.  I have contributed to the organization and decomposition of work, provided meeting facilitation, task structuring, template creation, team leadership and logistical support from within the private sector.  Big Data investigation and management are key issues in this work.

  1. Performed market expansion strategic research, created business operations strategy and resource planning for a Cybersecurity company
  2. Contributor to NIST Cloud Reference Architecture workgroups
  3. Delivered revenue improvements to telecom manufacturing company through instantiation of MRP and supply chain management system
  4. Prepared products for market for emerging technology companies shifting delivery from governmental to commercial
  5. Created organizational architecture for new venture, investment package and strategic plan – funded and underway
  6. Architected and built workflow managed quality system for mining company in Norway
  7. Authored usability assessment and user and system documentation for HR management product;
  8. Delivered design, development and data load for multiple e-Commerce websites
  9. Information researcher and ghost writer for emerging technology comparison and contrast briefings
  10. Redesigned marketing for late stage entrepreneur
  11. Built a Sales Team for specialized performance engineering solutions shortening sales cycle to weeks rather than months; Increased technical support capability for a late stage entrepreneur by 800%
  12. Delivered strategic product and market research to Cybersecurity firm interested in expanding to new markets
  13. Architected solutions and prepared technical and budget volumes for RFP, Government Solicitation, and Grant responses

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