Linda Pelekoudas, Principal Managing Partner


Every organization approaches strategy setting differently.  They are natrually coming to it from different starting points and with different expectations of outcomes. But underlying all of these efforts and methods are some common principles:

  • Be systematic in the approach you choose
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Include proactive change management and leadership development to achieve the smoothest transformation
  • Create, collect and assess actionable performance information and use it to achieve informed decision making
  • Seek to understand customers and stakeholder needs and expectations of the external and internal environment
  • Choose strategic initiatives that are achieveable and are tied to the goals and objectives for improvement
  • Align strategy and culture, with a focus on results and the drivers of results
  • Integrate where possible with existing organization systems and align the organization around a shared strategy
  • Implementing strategy necessitates that the changes be direct and clear to understand, easy to administer so they will deliver practical benefits over the long term

If this sounds hard to do call me.  I offer a supporting toolkit, including terminology, concepts, steps, tools, and techniques that are flexible and scalable.

I often recommend only the sections most needed be completed in a particual effort.  Once you have clarity on the actions to take – take them.  If you adopt a strategic thinking mindset then it is not a once and done activity.  It is something you will revisit over and over again.

It is not as hard as you think. I can help.

Here is the table of contents from the SDS Strategic Planning program.

Benefits of Strategic Planning




Attain performance goals

More successful

Take on stretch objectives


High impact initiatives

Active thinking

Implement strategically

Accommodate rapid change


Handle uncertainty

Aligned to key objectives

Readily identify and close knowledge gaps

Experience stronger affiliation for the brand

Display greater alignment

Achieving stronger alignment

Better teams


Greater visibility

Active Leadership

Engage in honest, strategic conversations

Tackle challenging strategic issues

Richer, actionable understanding of the strategic direction

Ongoing strategic improvements

Company Overview

Using a Systems Approach that starts with the end in mind. SDS spans the many disciplines it takes to create an action plan for organizational transition and transformation.

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