Linda Pelekoudas, Principal Managing Partner

The one thing that stays the same is that things will change

In both large and small ways the changes I see in the organizations I serve move them forward.  That is not to say any organization is standing still, but I often hear comments like “It has always been like that” or “This is the way we do things” The whirlwind of work is ever present and always in motion.  Finding the small changes that free up time or make information more clear leads to bigger changes that in time can move mountains.

I recently visited with people who literally move mountains – it was amazing.

What will make your company outstanding?

Here are a few questions that you can pose to your selve of your team.  Ask them for their input.  Then mull over what they say to you and get your game plan together.

  • Who will our customers be five years from now?
  • What are we passionate about doing for our organization and our customers?
  • What are we best at?
  • Where can we continue to excel?
  • What do we think will be important for us to deliver in best serving our customers?
  • What are capabilities we want to put in place to stretch our organization and better serve our customers?
  • What are our goals and objectives?
  • What are the things we need to concentrate on to dramatically exceed our goals and objectives?
When you include input from your staff in this way you are showing them that you are all in it together.  It can be surprising where innovation and creativity will come from.  What have you got to loose really?  Take a chance then go as a team and succeed!

Sweat equity is the best form of equity

What you achieve is in direct proportion to what you put into it. Entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the work, and are realistic about what the outcomes can be.  Building a business takes time and patience.  There are no silver bullets, not now not ever and no one is going to do it for you.


Don’t expect to escape the hard work

A bootstrapped, lean, capital-efficient startup methodology that puts a great deal of emphasis on business model and monetization is very close to the “earn your way” ideal that will stand the test of time. Speculative stuff is neither what I believe in, nor something we encourage entrepreneurs to pursue.

Money does not grow on trees

Yes every venture needs some investment to get started. In some cases that may be just your time, in others without investment capital there is no business.  Being realistic and preparing properly to know where you are with a venture in the process of earning the privilege of a business loan or the attention of an angel is a humbling but imperative exercise.
Ask us about our fundability readiness checklist

What is Change Management?

These words are fairly common and most people have an idea of what they mean, but understanding what Change Management is can be a challenge to convey.  In our practice Change Management is as much about knowing where you want to get to or what you would like to achieve as it is laying out the path, projects and actions that will eventually get you there.

Once you know where you are going you need to track your progress and course correct to ensure in the dynamic world we live in you achieve the right goal.
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Using a Systems Approach that starts with the end in mind. SDS spans the many disciplines it takes to create an action plan for organizational transition and transformation.

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