Linda Pelekoudas, Principal Managing Partner

Are you working your plan?

There are many ways to start or restart a business the best way though is to create a plan then work that plan.

Sounds simple right?

Well then why is it that so many business owners can not connect what they are doing today to how it will help them to achieve those long range goals?

Let us show you how to make the connection so your business can start down a path to a future you choose today.

10 Core Business Processes

  1.  Customer Strategy & Relationships
  2.  Employee Development & Satisfaction
  3.  Quality, Process Improvement & Change Management
  4.  Financial Analysis, Reporting, & Capital Management
  5.  Management Responsibility
  6.  Customer Acquisition
  7.  Product Development
  8.   Product/Service Delivery
  9.   Accounting Policy Management
  10. Technology Management

Can you say what how your business accomplishes each of these?

It is not what you are making but how you make it

The term Systems Engineering has changes in the 50 years. My father was a systems engineer, but for him that meant that he organized the programs to run and stacked the cards and checked the logs for errors in a mainframe reports.  For me it has been a process that starts in a work area: sometimes an office, a shop floor, or a loading dock.  Some one does something then sends it to someone else, who adds to it or takes from it.  At other times it is a vague desire to have information presented in a certain way.

Gathering business requirements, translating them into system requirements that are displayed in a system architecture, manifested in code and bulletproofed in testing all so the system will work.  Sounds easy right?  On a small scale it is, but add complexity of platforms, technologies, personalities, and locations, subsystems and heaven help us actual people who are trying to get work done and then, well, that is a challenge and it takes skill to actually have a result that works.

Ask those folks who built the Affordable Healthcare site!  I hear of their challenges and I know that Systems Engineering was considered an overhead cost they could do without.  How did that work out guys? 😉

Don’t skimp on the important stuff that makes all the difference in the quality of your result.

Company Overview

Using a Systems Approach that starts with the end in mind. SDS spans the many disciplines it takes to create an action plan for organizational transition and transformation.

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