Linda Pelekoudas, Principal Managing Partner

Software Development Life Cycle

an investment in quality

When you ask a programmer to create something for you after they have heard enough to get the idea the next thing that they often do is start writing code.  It is not long before they can not explain why some of the code is there, or what the code will actually do.

I really have a hard time with this.  Code and computers are inherently logical.  They will only do what we tell them to do even if that is to tell them to learn.  Yet little time is invested in planning code for a system so that it is clear what it will do and why.

Software Development Lifecycle applies process to the creation of programs, websites, products and anything else that is using code in order to function. Ensuring that you have the opportunity to think it through, talk to others about it, learn and fix errors in assumptions before they cost lots of money to fix.

With the end in mind

This is how to achieve maximum satisfaction in any program or product you plan to create. Natually these are declared as business requirements.  I think it goes beyond just a list of needs and wants. It has to feel right.

What – I can hear you now – systems don’t feel.  And this is true, but the people who use them do.  This is why paying extra attention and designing from the outside in is far more likely to yield the results that will win and be used for a long time.

Company Overview

Using a Systems Approach that starts with the end in mind. SDS spans the many disciplines it takes to create an action plan for organizational transition and transformation.

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