Linda Pelekoudas, Principal Managing Partner

What are you working on?

Day in and day out there is work happening.
Everyone is busy.
There is nothing new about it.
Or is there?

The question to ask is not if you are working but … 
what impact will the work you are doing have on achieving your objectives?

This is assuming you have clear objectives.
Of course objectives are a high level of what it will take to realize your goals – You have goals – right?

Who doesn’t like results?

Here is my very simple summary to get on the right track:

  • Dream fuels the Vision
  • Vision frames Goals
  • Goals are a set of Objectives
  • Objectives are a set of Projects
  • Projects are Tasks and Resources over Time
  • Time can be managed in a Schedule
  • Schedule Management leads to Results 


Business Model Canvas

A popular method of organizing information to describe a business model is the Business Model Canvas. There are a number of very nice sites out there to automate creating one.  I guess I am a little old fashioned and really like to work on the ones I create a little at a time.  I also am not always connected to my computer or the internet when an idea or item to add to a canvas occurs to me.  Because of this I created a easy simple canvas drafting file.  I have posted it for public use here – Business Model Canvas I hope it helps you to plan out great things.

Its not all or nothing folks

I have often met people who express reluctance to creating a strategic plan for their business.  The whirlwind of the day to day overwhelms them and they are swept up in the whosh of “getting it done.”

This is exactly why I created a template for strategic planning that can deliver rapid value without having to complete every single section.

If you are interested in exploring this method I would be delighted to talk with you.  Contact me on the form in the link.

Do I really need financials for my business plan?

With out the numbers it is a complete guess about if or when a venture will turn the corner and produce profit.

So the simple answer is yes – you need them

The good news is that you do not need a PhD in economics or finance to produce a set of numbers that will lay out your ventures financial future.

I would be happy to show you how. Contact me on the form in the link.

Company Overview

Using a Systems Approach that starts with the end in mind. SDS spans the many disciplines it takes to create an action plan for organizational transition and transformation.

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